Armyworms in Florida

Florida Armyworm Facts

Armyworms are Florida pests that truly live up to their name. These little buggers are the larvae of moths and will chew the leaves of grasses and plants.

What’s more, they tend to move as a group with military-like precision from one area to another, feasting the entire way.Armyworms are active at night and they love to multiply. In fact, a single female can live as an adult for 17 days and in that time produce up to 2,000 eggs! Armyworms vary in color from dark greenish-brown to black, but they will always have long pale-white, orange and dark brown stripes running along their abdomens. Since moths prefer breeding in dense vegetation, Armyworm infestations usually occur in grassy or weedy fields. If you think you have an Armyworm problem, call in the pros.

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