Mites in Florida

Florida Mite Facts

Is it a mite or a myth? Do you know that most cases of mites, even those suggested by physicians, turn out to be false when the exterminator shows up? It’s true. In fact, it is now a violation of Federal Law for a pest control technician to come out and spray for mites unless a proven sample of the pest is collected.

However, mites do exist and they can be troublesome. There are two basic types of mites: those that are parasitic and feed on blood and those that cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. Parasitic mites are most often associated with birds and rodents. If you have birds nesting in your roof or a rodent problem, these mites might find their way into your home, too. Microscopic dust mites are a common variety of non-parasitic mites and can cause serious allergic reactions in many people but do not require pest control. There are also mites that feed on damp foods or mold and there is even a “spider mite” that feeds on plants but can cause itching and sensitivity to the skin. However, the truth remains, just because you think you have mites doesn’t mean you have mites. The good news is if you call a professional, he or she will be able to tell you once and for all. Because no spraying can be done unless they find the little monsters first!

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