Terrible Termites: Swarming Season is Here!

Termites Swarm in Florida | All Florida Pest ControlSpring is here and that means termite activity is on the rise. Termites can cause all sorts of problems for property owners in Florida, so discovering these pests swarming outside of your home or business is a stressful situation—even if it’s a normal occurrence this time of year. Here’s what you need to know about termite swarming season in Florida. 

What Are Termite Swarms?

Termite swarms are a natural part of the reproductive cycle of certain termite species, during which winged reproductive adults, known as swarmers or alates, emerge from mature colonies to mate and establish new colonies. Termite swarms typically occur during the warmer months, often in spring or early summer, when environmental conditions are conducive to termite activity.

How to Identify a Termite Swarm

Termites are notoriously difficult to spot because they spend most of the year pent-up inside of wooden structures, eating and building their nests. Swarms are one of the easiest ways to tell if termites are hiding out nearby. But, how can you tell a swarm apart from a group of other flying insects? Here’s what to look for:

  • Distinct Appearance: Winged termites have a distinct appearance characterized by straight bodies, straight antennae, and equal-sized wings. They may be mistaken for flying ants, but closer inspection reveals differences in body shape, antennae length, and wing size between the two insects.
  • Large Numbers: Termite swarms typically involve a large number of winged termites emerging simultaneously from their nests. These swarmers may be seen flying in a swirling or erratic pattern around windows, doors, or light sources as they search for mates and suitable nesting sites.
  • Piles of Wings: After mating, termite swarmers shed their wings and may leave behind piles of discarded wings near window sills, doorways, or other entry points. These wings are typically uniform in length, with all four wings being of equal size. 

Are Termite Swarms Dangerous?

Coming across a termite swarm can be frightening, especially with how large the insects appear with their wings. However, they are not considered dangerous to humans or pets. The purpose of a swarm is to allow termites to expand their populations and establish new colonies. So, while swarms aren’t exactly dangerous, they still aren’t something you want around your space. 

When Do Termites Swarm?

Termite swarms are often triggered by specific weather conditions, including warm temperatures, high humidity, and calm winds. These environmental factors signal to termite colonies that conditions are favorable for swarming, prompting swarmers to emerge from their nests. Most swarms happen during daylight hours, particularly on warm, sunny days following periods of rain or moisture. 

What to Do if You Have Termites

Termite swarms are often a clear indication of a nearby infestation, making it crucial for homeowners to take immediate action to protect their properties. When you notice signs of termite swarming, such as flying termites or discarded wings, it’s best to contact an expert for professional inspection and treatment. 

At All Florida Pest Control, our team of experienced technicians specializes in identifying and addressing termite infestations promptly and effectively. With our advanced techniques, proven treatments, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide comprehensive solutions that provide long-lasting protection. Call us today to learn more!

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Terrible Termites: Swarming Season is Here! Pest Control in Fort Lauderdale FL

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