Rodents in Florida

Florida Rodent Facts

You know the prime suspects here – rats and mice! Nobody wants them scurrying around the house. But if you live in Florida, these pests are always a potential problem.

Their urine and feces can pose serious heath risks and the parasites they host often also carry disease. So what do you do? Well first things first. Like with many pests, the best solution is prevention. One of the best ways to avoid rodents is through a process called IPM – Integrated Pest Management. Basically it makes sure your home is just not all that attractive to them. Basically, you change your environment just a bit and it greatly reduces the risk of rodents. Some basic IPM tips including removing piles of old wood or other debris where rodents can hide before creeping indoors; sealing openings in attics and crawl spaces; making sure dog food is stored in sealed containers; keeping garages and sheds uncluttered and without boxes on the floor so there is no place for rodents to burrow or hide. Traps and other control devices placed along common “traffic areas” where you have seen rodents can help. But if all your best efforts don’t solve the problem, then it’s time to call in the pros.

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