Bed Bugs in Florida

Florida Bed Bug Facts

After a 60-year absence in the United States, Bed Bugs are back.

They’ve been found everywhere from fine hotels to high-end clothiers; schools to movie theaters; offices to public transportation. Bed bugs feed on blood and they really don’t care whose it is or where they find it. That’s why even the cleanest homes and hotels can suffer from an infestation. Bed Bugs can’t fly but they do travel. They can hitch a ride on clothing. They can be transported in electronic equipment. And, of course, they love mattresses. Their bites are not felt until a bunch of tiny red and itchy welts pop up. Though they present no serious danger to most people, they are no fun and certainly uncomfortable. Worst of all, since they hide in mattresses and wall crevices and just about anywhere, the only true cure is getting rid of them. DO NOT throw out your mattress. Not only will it just spread the problem to someone else, it won’t solve yours.

Call a pro. There are new all-natural ways to eliminate bed bugs that are entirely safe for you and your family.

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