Bees & Wasps in Florida

Florida Stinging Insect Facts

First of all, bees are great! We need them to pollinate our planet and keep it healthy and thriving. Without bees, we’d all be in serious big trouble.

Wasps feed on sweet liquids and have even been seen getting a bit tipsy on fermenting juices. Bees and Wasps for the most part don’t pose a problem. Unless a swarm of wasps happens to find your mailbox a great place for nesting. Or honeybees decide the space between your walls makes for an ideal hive. Once honeybees are in they will expand their nest for as long as you let them. It is important to call a professional for removal. Not only the bees must be removed but also the entire hive itself. Once the bees are removed if the hive is left, the stored honey will begin to melt on warm days which can damage your home and attract other pests.

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