Spiders in Florida

Florida Spider Facts

Spiders are definitely creepy crawly pests. But the truth is most spiders are nothing like the deadly menaces we see in movies and on TV. That’s just a bunch of hogwash.

Most spiders, like the common Jumping Spider and Daddy Long Legs, are entirely harmless. There are, however, a few spiders here in Florida that do pose a threat to us humans, namely the Brown Recluse and the infamous Black Widow. A bite from the Black Widow can even be life threatening. The good news is a Black Widow spider is easy to identify. Only the female bites and she will have a red hourglass design on the underside of her abdomen. But most often than not spiders are nothing more than nuisances and you can do things to discourage them from coming around. Remove trash and old boxes. Keep boxes stored off the floor in the garage. Dust and vacuum your home frequently. Make sure windows and screens are firmly in place, as spiders love to crawl into little gaps. If you do find yourself with a problem, professional pest control now includes many effective sprays that are entirely safe for people and pets and virtually odor-free.

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