Termites in Florida

Florida Termite Facts

Okay, now we are talking about a serious bug problem that you cannot handle without professional help. Worse, if you don’t get it ASAP, you could be looking at major damage to your home. Florida is definitely termite territory.

There are Drywood Termites that live inside the wood of your home. But there are also Subterranean Termites that live in the ground, most notably invasive Formosan Termites from Asia. If left unchecked, these “Super Termite” colonies can quickly grow to several million pests and they can consume a 3-foot 2×4 in just one day! Signs you might have termites include hollow sounding wood, pin-like holes in your wood, droppings that look like sawdust, mud tubes running along walls or trees in your yard, termite bodies around lights, doors and windowsills. If you think you have termites, call a professional immediately! They can ID the type of termite you have and the appropriate treatment, whether it’s baiting, spraying or even tenting your home.

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